BOISE -- On June 30th, a plane crashed near Bruce Meadows and the four men inside survived. What's more: it was all captured on video -- from two different angles.

On Thursday, KTVB talked to one of the men who was inside the plane.

Boisean Tol Gropp says his father was at the controls of the historic, 1940's-era plane as it took off from the Idaho backcountry. Gropp says his father is an experienced pilot but they hit an air pocket that caused the plane to descend.

In five seconds, he says they were on the ground upside down.

It all happened so fast, but Gropp says he has watched the video many times. The first time you see it it's kind of surreal, cause it's full speed it's seven seconds, it's not very much time...So I've probably watched it a couple hundred times and slowed it down and seen different angles of it, and so it's surreal that I was actually one of the people in the plane.

His father, Les was the most seriously injured. Another passenger had a concussion.

Tol and another man got out with just scratches and bruises.

Today, everyone is ok.

Tol says it was his dad's quick action and flying experience that prevented the crash from being worse.

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