BOISE-- There is a new addition to the Zoo Boise family.

Zoo officials announced the birth of a North American porcupine. The male baby, called a porcupette, was born on July 27. It is the first baby for parents, Zeus and Athena.

The unnamed baby was 468 grams at birth and has grown to 538 grams.

Mom and baby are doing well. Officials say Athena spends most of her day sleeping in the trees, while the baby is on the ground. She comes down at night to care for her newborn and sleeps near him at night. In a few weeks, the porcupette will start to eat vegetation and learn to climb trees with mom.

The porcupine exhibit is located next to the penguin exhibit at Zoo Boise. The zoo is located in Julia Davis Park and is open daily during the summer from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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