BOISE -- A car made a spectacular crash into a building in Boise this morning. The accident happened around 11:12 a.m. at 398 N. Mitchell Street, near the intersection of Emerald Street.

Dustin Woodington was trimming the grass when he spotted a white Buick speeding through the parking lot. It hit several signs and crashed into the building. Woodington said the elderly male driver claimed to have gotten his foot stuck on the gas pedal.

The white Buick comes barreling down this road 60 to 70 miles per hour, up and over that curb, all four wheels came up off the ground. He came pouring through this, up through there and into the building, said Woodington.

Boise Police say the car was traveling at a high rate of speed when it struck the unoccupied office building. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor.

The driver, 73-year-old Russel A. Nelson, of Boise, was cited for negligent driving, a misdemeanor.

Nelson was taken to a local hospital with what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries.

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