NAMPA -- In light of the shooting in Colorado, KTVB turned to local law enforcement. Law enforcement officials told us there's no reason for folks here to be worried and that people here are safe.

It's a terrible tragedy and you know it's one of those unforeseeable events that sometimes occurs, said Sergeant John Drinkwine of Nampa Police Department.

Drinkwine said there's no way to guess what effect the theater shooting will have here. So he said it's tough to prepare or put any procedure in place.

We don't have a specific policy or practice in regards to openings of big events, he said. If there are events that we anticipate things, if they're serving alcohol or other things like that where there's a tendency for things to possibly get out of hand, a lot of times we will have security for those events.

But he said it's likely more people will carry for protection. We asked attorney David Leroy what Idaho law says about conceal and carry.

Wherever you may lawfully go, and are lawfully carrying your weapon, then you're free to enter, said Leroy, a former Idaho Attorney General. And that would include all kinds of public places, all kinds of private places, unless they have a prohibition against.

Places like courthouses and airports prohibit weapons. Private businesses can set their own rules.

There's no Idaho statute that either permits or prohibits a business enterprise from having a guns and weapons on the premises policy, said Leroy.

Drinkwine said despite recent events, folks in the Treasure Valley are safe.

There's no reason to believe that they're not (safe), he said. Obviously, crazy things can sometimes happen, but they're not any more in danger today than they were yesterday or any other day.

Police have a message for people:

I would just tell people to pay attention to what's going on, be aware of their surroundings, and watch what's happening so that when you see things that you think are strange, that you do things to keep yourself safe. I mean, that's all that people can really do, Drinkwine said.

The alleged gunman was also wearing protective gear, similar to the kind of things law enforcement officers wear. Drinkwine said it's possible for civilians to buy that kind of thing, but it's very expensive. Local vendors he knows won't sell to anyone who's not law enforcement.

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