One man's recent barbecue experience became a brush with death.

Fifty-four-year-old Michael Destefan says he was in so much pain, he thought he had appendicitis, until doctors showed him the CAT scan.

They told me I must have ingested a nail, a paper clip or a fish hook of all things he recalls.

It wasn't any of those things.

Dr. Sanjeev Kaul removed the mystery metal, a little more than an inch and a half long and catalyst for a growing infection.

It was Michael's wife who figured out what that tiny piece of wire came from.

Just as so many enjoy doing, Michael had been grilling steaks.

She noticed the tiny wire removed matched the bristles on the brush he used to clean the grill.

Michael's close call isn't unique.

A report published by four Rhode Island radiologists in the Journal Of The American Roentgen Ray Society documents six similar cases in 18 months, three wires lodged in the throat, three others in the stomach.

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