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MERIDIAN, Idaho -- When you think of Girl Scouts, the first word that might come to your mind is 'cookies!' The second and third however, should be 'crafty' and 'generous'.

That's what the Meridian Animal Shelter thought this week as three Girl Scouts presented them with the fruits of their Girl Scout Silver Award Project. The Silver Award is a project that must be focused on improving the local community and be sustainable.

Several months ago, 8th grade students Michala Collins, Kelsey Drayton, and Sarah Ridgway, from Meridian Girl Scout Troop #327, visited the Meridian Animal Shelter to figure out what would most improve the shelter.

With those needs in mind, the girls crafted three wooden benches, three decorated wooden spool tables, a rabbit hutch, a wooden dog leash hanger and a colorful fence to surround an air conditioning unit.

The trio put in over 50 hours of labor to complete both the award requirements and the shelter projects.
The items will be used in the meet and greet area where potential adopters can meet shelter dogs to see if they are the a good match.

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