SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Spokane County Sheriff's Office confirmed Thursday that they arrested four people in the first reported case of human trafficking in Spokane County.

The Sheriff's Office said four people were arrested Wednesday during a SWAT raid in Spokane Valley on East Nora.

Christopher Foster, Shannell Haddon, Lawrence Johnson and Dina Tellez were arrested Wednesday. Johnson is charged with first-degree kidnapping. Foster and Haddon are both being held on $150,000 bond.

According to the search warrant, the victim told police she had been forced to perform sexual acts and held against her will for more than a year. The victim reported she was last raped on May 21st. She escaped on the 22nd.

The victim told police she was brought to at least six hotels in Spokane Valley and told to perform sexual acts. Arrangements were allegedly made through online sites including Craigslist Backpage.

The victim said that the leader of the group of captives was a 60-year-old man called Spade. The victim said Spade owned five houses she was taken between. She said all of the homes were involved in meth manufacturing. The home located on Nora was the main location where she lived and stayed. The victim said Spade received all of the money from her forced sex acts.

The victim said Shanell, Diana, Lawrence, and Chris all drove her to the hotels and gave her direction on what sexual acts to perform.

She also claimed she was forced to do methamphetamine. According to the search warrant the trafficking victim reported being beaten and burned with a pipe when she refused to smoke meth. The victim also told police she was forced to clean herself with bleach after each sex act.

According to the search warrant, the victim told police her former boyfriend, Marcus Allen Schur, tried to help her and protect her. She said Marcus was murdered in Whitman County and she believes the people that held her captive were involved. Schur's body was found near Bonnie Lake earlier this year.

The victim also said she saw four or five young girls in the basement of the house on Nora earlier this week. She thought they were about 18 years old. She said that there was a deadbolt lock on the door at the top of the basement stairs on the outside of the door. She saw the girls from the stairway to the basement.

Police first had contact with victim on March 31st and a police report was started. Police say the victim was picked up by police on March 31st after screaming for 911 on East Sprague. Police say they found the victim in a coat and a negligee-type top. Police said she looked unkempt, and did not appear to be in a normal physical state. She had a two-year-old boy with her who she identified as her son.

The woman said she had been dating Trevor Franklin for several months and he had basically been holding her captive. He had been trying to get her addicted to methamphetamine. A day earlier she had refused to take meth and says Franklin burned her leg badly.

The victim told police Trevor had been forcing her to prostitute to pay for hotel rooms and meth. Trevor also had another woman working for him. Trevor is currently in jail for assaulting her.

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