BOISE -- In April, police served search warrants near the Boise State campus, startling some neighbors. There were several arrests that day, and now there have been even more.

These latest arrests and new charges are the result of a lengthy investigation the Boise Police Gang Unit has been working on with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Last month, BPD's gang unit, ATF and Idaho State Police searched two places: A tattoo shop on Broadway and a house on Longmont Avenue.

Officers collected evidence, including numerous weapons, and made some arrests that day. Now, a month later, more arrests and additional charges with 10 people facing a combined 18 charges.

The charges range from extortion, to robbery, to aggravated assault, to gang recruitment and providing a firearm to a gang member, Sgt. Jeff Basterrechea, BPD Gang Intelligence Unit, said.

Some of those arrested are also facing drug charges, including possession of marijuana.

The gang unit has been looking into a criminal gang named the Slayers. The Slayers aren't considered a traditional gang, but police say they're organized and have at least 15 members. Basterrechea says they meet the state definition of a gang.

They did have the same gang traits. They had a name, they had common tattoos, and insignia, stuff like that that would identify them as a Slayer, Basterrechea said.

The group is considered dangerous and part of a dangerous trend in the entire area.

There's been an increase in the Treasure Valley overall with gang activity, in terms of gang crimes. We've had several beatings. We've had some shootings. We're investigating some home invasion robberies, so we've seen it picked up over the entire valley, Basterrechea said.

KTVB will air a special series next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the 10:00 p.m. news called 7 Investigation: Gangs in the Valley . The series examines the gang problem in the Treasure Valley and what is being done about it.

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