BOISE Not everything was smooth sailing at the polls today, some voters we talked with ran into issues while trying to cast their vote.

It was a fairly slow morning at Rolling Hills Charter School. As of 12:30 p.m., only 19 people had voted at this polling location.

Two of those were Justin Strickland and his grandma. Their voting experience did not go as expected.

I was already registered unaffiliated, and they told me that I had to vote unaffiliated, that I couldn't vote as Republican, said Justin Strickland.

This precinct told his 85-year-old grandmother, who voted 30 minutes before him, the same thing.

She was forced to vote as a non-partisan or a Democrat, said Strickland.

But he didn't like that idea, so he called the Ada County Elections Office to straighten things out.

While I was on the phone with them, I was able to hand it over to one of the ladies, said Strickland.

It turns out the ladies at this polling location were trained wrong.

We spoke with them and they apologized and regret their mistake, telling us it didn't happen to anyone else.

We use about 1,000 poll workers out in the polls today. We did train every single poll worker, but that's a lot of people to try and train, and to make sure they all got the message the exact same way, that's a true challenge, said Phil McGrane.

Phil McGrane with the Ada County Elections Office knew this election would present complications for voters and poll workers.

With redistricting, with Ada County changing its precinct boundaries, that's a very significant change, in and of itself, and we add on to that all of these new rules, it s just a much more complicated election this time. We're doing everything we can to get it right, but it's proving to be a challenge, said McGrane.

Here's how the party affiliation works:

If you go into vote tonight and are unaffiliated -- you can change to either Democrat or Republican.

If you already have a party, then you must vote with that party s ballot.

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