GRESHAM, Ore. -- The fire that broke out at a Gresham duplex late Tuesday night was so fierce it woke up neighbor Daniel Zavala.

My wife and Ihad the bedroom window open and we smelled some wood burning and it smelled kind of good, said Zavala. Then we smelled plastic burning and that's when God put into my wife's mind to get up and check it out.

The couple saw flames and Daniel raced over to the burning home and started banging on the door.

Iwas at the door for 10 seconds and no one came and then the fire came down this side and it was burning me and Iwas inhaling the smoke, said Zavala. That's when the 'Holy Spirit said kick the door open and go in.'

Zavala did just that. He found a startled mother and her two children behind the door.

Isaw that she had one child in her arm and the other was in a ball on the bunk bed just scared, added Zavala. Itold her, 'you take this child and I'll get the next.'

All four darted outside.

By this point other neighbors had arrived with blankets. The GreshamFireDepartment was not far behind.

They came and that was great to see the firemen within 10 feet spraying the hoses and how organized they were in getting that fire out, said Zavala.

Witnesses said the mother and her children did not appear to be hurt. It was unclear what sparked the blaze.

One would think that makes Zavala a hero, but he does not think so.

This country is looking for idols and heroes, added Zavala. I'm neither one of those.

Zavala said he is just a neighbor doing what he hopes any neighbor would do.

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