BOISE -- Pro-business groups have pumped $30,000 in late-breaking campaign contributions to Republican incumbents facing Libertarian-leaning challengers in the May 15 primary.

Since May 1, for instance, Sen. Shawn Keough of Sandpoint received $5,000 from grocers, hospitals, insurers and real estate agents.

The head of the Idaho Association of Realtors, John Eaton, says groups like his have chosen sides with candidates they believe offer consistency for businesses.

But supporters of the Libertarian-leaning upstarts aren't sitting still.

While they aren't reporting last-minute contributions to rival the business-friendly groups, political action committees like Larry Knapp's Free Enterprise PAC are financing mailers seeking to take incumbents like Keough down a notch with conservative voters.

Knapp, a Boise-area real-estate broker, labels Keough Idaho's No. 1 big spender as he touts her rival, tea-party supporter Danielle Ahrens.

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