BOISE - Boise Police say they have found pieces of the three-wheeled, recumbent tricycle used by a young man who has special needs. Boise Police say the tricycle is Brian Gorman's only mode of transportation.

Boise Police say pieces of the trike were found in two separate locations Monday night. Police also say that several pieces worth $100-$200 appear to be still missing.

According to BPD, someone stole the special tricycle from his apartment near East Boise Avenue and Gekeler Lane around 3:30 on Sunday afternoon.

Police say the trike was covered and locked to a tree, but the thief somehow got it free.

Gorman thinks someone might have taken the bike because it was worth a lot of money. Boise Police say the trike is valued at more than $3,500. Gorman is now worried he won't be able to replace it.

It's the only means of transportation I have for myself other than the bus, but it's not really getting yourself around, he said.

Here's a description of the trike, according to BPD:

The stolen trike is called a Trice T , manufactured by Inspired Cycle Engineering. It's a three-wheel, 27-speed recumbent trike with a mesh seat. The trike is primarily blue with red and grey accent. It's equipped with two side view mirrors and disk brakes. The trike is valued at more than $3,500 and looks very similar to the model pictured here.

Police say the investigation is still on going.

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