GARDENCITY-- It is down to the final stretch preparations for opening day at Les Bois Park. The first race day of the season is Wednesday.

Trainers and jockeys have been working with their horses for months making sure they are ready for opening day. Many of horses started working out at Les Bois at the beginning of March, and are ready to hit the track.

So are the people behind them.

Everybody is excited for it, said Mike Scudder, a trainer who is working with 26 race horses at Les Bois. Scudder says his hands have been full working with all those horses. It is an animal and just like people, they are all different.

Scudder thinks he has some winning horses, butsays it is hard to know until they get on the track Out of all of them you are only going to get maybe three good runners, said Scudder.

However, both the trainers and jockeys agree that this year at Les Bois there will be good runners.

It is going to be tough running, said Nate Smith, one of the jockeys at Les Bois.

Smith has been racing for 10 years, and say each race is just as exciting as the first. Every time they kick the gates it is an adrenaline rush.

Smith says his adrenaline will be pumping this season.

You are trying to think as fast as you can, where you're going to go. What's going to happen in front of you, said Smith. You are just trying to plan everything all at once.

The local jockey will be making a lot of split second decisions this race season. On opening day, he's riding in seven races.

The gats to Les Boise open Wednesday at 4:30 in the afternoon. Tickets cost $5. Kids 17 and under get in free, and ladies also get in free because each Wednesday is ' ladies night.

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