NEW PLYMOUTH -- Two teenagers are dead after a one-car accident Saturday night. It happened at about 7:48 p.m. on Cassia Road around Southeast 3rd Avenue, near New Plymouth.

The freshly-turned dirt and mangled trees alongside a quiet country road are the only hints of the tragic accident that took the lives of two young men Saturday night.

The Payette County Sheriff's Office says 15-year-old Jackson Sternberg and 15-year-old Dustin Williamson, both freshmen at New Plymouth High School, were traveling south on Cassia. They say Sternberg's Ford pickup veered off to the right shoulder, and then over-corrected, hitting two large trees to the left of the road.

Neighbors and witnesses say the truck was going faster than the posted 35 miles-per-hour speed limit. They say some drivers have been known to try to ramp off a steep part of the road. However, police haven't said how fast they believe Sternberg was driving.

When neighbors rushed to the scene, they found the truck, as they put it, wrapped around a tree. One neighbor said she felt helpless, desperately waiting for the ambulance. But the teens' injuries were too severe, and they passed away before they could be taken to the hospital.

A woman who was there says 50 to 60 of the young men's classmates gathered near the accident scene that night. She said they just needed other people to be close to.

Those close to the families say they are still reeling from the shock and pain.

It's made worse for the Sternbergs. Last November, their other son, 18-year-old Benson, was killed in a one-car accident in Troy, Idaho.

Parents of other students at New Plymouth High say their kids are taking it pretty hard, as are many people in the small, tight-knit community.

The Payette County Sheriff's Office is continuing to investigate the crash, and again, has not said why Sternberg may have lost control of his truck.

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