BOISE -- The numbers are in, the money has been counted and the checks are going out today.

Most of your donations from 7 Cares Day are now in the hands of local charities.

After our big community-wide fundraiser in December, KTVB, along with the Idaho Community Foundation, is distributing the cash and text donations we've raised to several charities.

Without these groups and this money many people would not have food, shelter, clothing or even an opportunity to work. We stopped off at the Boise Rescue Mission Friday morning where they work to feed and provide shelter for thousands of people a year. They say the early part of the year, after the holidays, is when they need help the most.

In the summertime people start enjoying the summer and start going off on vacation and we kinda, we see our income go down in the summer, so we see this as a shot in the arm for us, said Rev. Bill Roscoe, Executive Director, Boise Rescue Mission.

We also went over to the Idaho Foodbank. You can think of them as a wholesale food distribution for other non profits, they say they can barely keep up with food needs.

Idaho Foodbank President & CEO Karen Vauk says they provide help not just to homeless people, but people like your neighbors.

We also see that a larger percentage are above the poverty line, so they do have income but it's not enough income to meet their basic needs, said Vauk.

The Salvation Army in Boise provides help to those in need.

For us, to see the whole community, including children, coming out and helping is wonderful, because it's kids helping kids, and that's a great thing, said John Stennett, with the Salvation Army.

KTVB and the Idaho Community Foundation also raised money to benefit the Jubilee House in Twin Falls.

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