EAGLE -- Two off-duty Garden City Police officers and another man rescued a teen girl whose vehicle rolled and crashed into an irrigation ditch in Star around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

It happened near the intersection of Pollard Lane and Floating Feather Road.

John Fahrner was in his backyard when he saw the shocking scene.

I heard the bang, a couple of bangs, and I looked up there just in time to see her kind of roll up and plop down on to the top, said Fahrner.

Police say a 16-year-old girl from Eagle was southbound on Pollard Lane. It is unknown why she crossed the center line and went into the irrigation ditch.

Deputies say her Toyota Scion XB was moving fast enough to travel along the ditch for about 500 feet, leaving a door panel, hubcaps, and other parts as it went. The car hit some planks and was launched up on to the opposite bank. Deputies say that's when they believe the teen was ejected.

Two off-duty Garden City Police officers happened to be driving by as the crash happened. They, along Fahrner, raced to help the teen as she lay unresponsive in the ditch.

I assumed somebody was hurt, said Fahrner. They got down there and one of the men got her face out of the water, she was face down. Then I got down there and helped stabilize her so she wouldn't move too much. She was moaning and cold, pretty much submerged in that water the whole time. Highway Patrol, I guess, came by and said we need to get her out of that water. We didn't know whether to get her out or not. We carried her up and laid her on the side of the road there and tried to get her covered up as best we could.

Police and paramedics soon arrived and took the girl to the hospital with what they call serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

Deputies say the girl was not wearing her seatbelt. They won't guess how fast she was going on the 40 mph street, but say it would take a lot of energy for her car to travel the way it did.

The investigation is ongoing, but deputies say there was no evidence the girl attempted to stop or swerve after leaving the road. Drugs or alcohol are not believed to be factors. The case will be turned over to the Ada County Prosecutor's Office. Deputies say charges are likely.

Police said this accident serves as a reminder for people to buckle up at all times.

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