BOISE -- Firefighters believe the improper disposal of cigarettes caused a house fire at midnight Wednesday on the Boise Bench.

Neighbors called 911 to report flames on the outside of a home on South Hervey Street. When fire crews arrived, they called for additional help. The first firefighters on the scene were able to keep the fire from spreading, preventing it from damaging the inside of the home.

Boise Fire Battalion Chief J.D. Ellis said a 12-year-old neighbor noticed the fire and called 911. The boy's name is Conner Larson. Next, Conner woke up his dad and they began knocking on the door of the burning home. The women inside did not answer the door, so Conner began knocking on the windows as his dad broke down the front door. The father went in the home to wake up one of the sleeping women.

The three women made it out of the home and were not injured.

The father should be proud of his son today. Father and son did an extraordinary job helping their neighbors from what was a very dangerous situation, said Battalion Chief Ellis.

Investigators believe a cigarette thrown into the planter outside the home started the fire. Ellis says there were not any smoke detectors going off when they arrived on scene.

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