BOISE -- In just a little more than a week, water will start winding its way down the twist and turns of the Ridenbaugh Canal.

The Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District announced that water managers will start diverting water into the canal near Barber Park on April 2.

NMID Water Superintendent Greg Curtis said they are anticipatingfull supplies of irrigation water in both Arrowrock and Anderson Ranch reservoirs.

The headgates on diversion dam will be opened at 3 a.m. to begin the slow process of filling the irrigation district's 500 miles of supply and lateral canals.Water is expected to be delivered around mid-April and will typically flow until delivery the first part of October.

The PioneerIrrigation District, based in Caldwell, will start delivering water to their customers around April 16.

Both irrigation districts reminded people that canals are private property.Paying in or near a canal is both dangerous and considered trespassing.

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