BOISE-- Spring is just a few days away but don't start putting away your skis and snowboards just yet. All the wet weather we've been having in the valley this week has been good news for the ski resorts.

Since Monday, Bogus Basin has got 6 inches of snow, Sun Valley 13 , Tamarack 19, and Brundage got the most with 28 inches.

Snow was falling at all the resorts Friday morning.

Even with the storms, some resorts are getting ready to wind down.

Tamarack will close on April 1st. In Sun Valley, the final day on Dollar Mountain will be April 8th, and the rest of the mountain will shut down the following weekend.

Brundage will just be open on Saturday and Sundays after April 8th. April Russell, the spokeswoman, hopes Brundage will be able to stay open on the weekends into early May.

There is no closing date set for Bogus Basin, and although the mountain got 8 inches of snow this week, the weather wasn't always favorable.

It will start to snow and then it will turn to rain and then back again to snow so we've kind of had an on again, off again relationship with the weather this week, said Gretchen Anderson, the spokeswoman for Bogus Basin. Right now, it is snowing, and we are happy for that.

Anderson says the forecast shows snow falling at Bogus through next week.

Anderson says the rain probably melted 4 inches of snow this week, but she's confident the mountain will add that back and much more with the upcoming storms.

Typically, Bogus Basin closes mid-April, but the board is considering extending the season. A final date should be set sometime next week.

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