DEER PARK, Wash. -- Employees took matters into their own hands Tuesday after an attempted robbery at a Deer Park pharmacy.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office said a man walked into the Medicine Shoppe around 4:30 p.m. and demanded drugs, that is when employees then used bear spray on a man attempting to rob the store.

The pharmacists at the Deer Park Medicine Shoppe say they have seen the suspect before.

Sheriff deputies say 24-year-old Aaron Miller is a repeat pharmacy robber.

He handed the pharmacists a note that said, gun, all oxycoden, methadone, children and rent.

Manager and pharmacist Susan Beller went to the back to grab the narcotics like she had done two times before when he hit them December 5th and 30th.

I made the choice I needed to make. Everyone else has to make their own choice, Beller said.

Her decision was to fight back with grizzly bear pepper spray they keep behind the counter.

All captured on surveillance, Beller grabbed it and sprayed Miller in the face.

Miller took off, but deputies arrested him after friends called 911. He was in immense pain from the spray.

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