BOISE -- A Boise State professor was awarded Vietnam's highest honor in November.

Business and Economic professor Nancy Napier was presented with the Medal of Honor during a ceremony in Hanoi, Vietnam. She was recognized for her work at the National Economics University (NEU).

For 11 years, Napier lead BSU's $8.5 million capacity building project at NEU. That involved bringing Boise State's MBA program to 84 people, which supported more than 20 Vietnamese faculty members in other programs around the world. It also helped to get Vietnam's first international standard business school off the ground in 1997.

Many years ago, Nancy Napier had the inspiration to form a partnership between the College of Business and Economics and the country of Vietnam that would help that country begin to reshape its economy, said Patrick Shannon, BSU's College of Business and Economics Dean. What started out as an MBA opportunity for Vietnamese students has turned into a 20-year relationship with the country's leaders. We are very proud of Nancy for her leadership and are thrilled that Vietnam has chosen to recognize her with this wonderful honor.

Napier has published several articles that draw from her experiences in Vietnam. She has also appeared on KTVB's Midday News at Noon to discuss business advice with Carolyn Holly.

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