MERIDIAN - Turning a million dollars into smiles. A Meridian woman, who won the Idaho Lottery's Million Dollar Raffle in January, has given the majority of that money to help those around her.

Now, the popular TV show, How the Lottery Changed My Life, will be featuring her on an upcoming episode. On Jan. 4, 2011, Hilda Floyd walked away with a $1 million check, seconds after winning she knew exactly what to do with her winnings, give the majority away.

Ten months later she has made good on her promise of helping others. Floyd says she's donated 90 percent of her winnings to different organizations, family members and her church.

You can only have so much money. You know what do you need it for? Give it away -- make a difference in somebody's life, said Floyd.

A few months ago she treated 135 family members of those deployed with the 116th and 391st to dinner.

It was truly a blessing for me, said Floyd.

The former mayor of Stanley also gave an undisclosed amount of money to the Sawtooth Library. Floyd says she's happier giving away the money than keeping it for herself.

You know, it's hard to know what it feels like -- it's just a blessing to know that you've made a difference in somebody else's life, said Floyd.

The popular TLC network TV show How the Lottery Changed My Life recently finished shooting an episode featuring Floyd. But she says the lottery hasn't changed her life at all, she's still the same.

Why not share it. Why not help somebody less fortunate than you. I think that's what we're supposed to do. I think that's what God calls us to do, said Floyd.

Floyd says she did use the money to remodel her kitchen, pay off her home and buy herself a new truck.

The episode of How the Lottery Changed my Life will air Monday, Oct. 31, on the TLC network.

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