ELKO COUNTY, Nevada -- This weekend marked a new search for a Canadian man who's been missing for seven months.

Albert Chretien and his wife went missing on their way to Las Vegas in March.

After 48 days, a family on ATVs found Rita Chretien alive inside their van in a remote desert area near Elko, Nevada. But now, there is still no idea where her husband Albert is.

In August, the search for Albert was officially called off. Now friends and family are thankful rescuers are headed back out, and they're hoping a search before snowfall will provide answers about where he went and what happened.

In the middle of March, in the cold, snowy Nevada desert, Albert and Rita Chretien got stranded. Their van was stuck in thick mud.

The map led them to believe rightly or wrongly that the road was much safer than it was, said Raymond Chretien, Albert's son, in May 2011.

After three days, on March 22, Albert set out for help. He walked away from Rita and the van, intending to reach Mountain City for help. It was a month and a half later, on May 6, that ATV riders found Rita inside the van.

After her miraculous survival and rescue, search crews set out on ATVs and horseback looking for Albert. They used a map Albert had left with Rita when he left her and the van.

I know my father, said Raymond Chretien in May. He wanted to get help and he had about 27 miles to go, maybe a three-day trek to find help.

Rescuers never found signs of Albert and called off the search. With renewed hope this weekend, rescuers are back out, again combing the rugged terrain.

There are a total of six dogs, that's three dog teams, two on each team plus their handlers that are searching today, Rita's friend and neighbor Hannah Hyland said.

Hyland said everyone is waiting in Canada for some type of answer from the search.

It's very important to bring some kind of closure, Hyland said. It's very important to know before the snow sets in again that they've done everything they can to try and find Al.

Hyland said Rita is happy people are looking again, and the family is keeping unwavering faith.

She was very happy this search was going to take place, as well as Al has a big family of brothers and sisters, and they felt very hopeful that there could still be a possibility of finding something in the area there, Hyland said. We just know and believe that the same God and faith that Rita had, and the love of God, and the presence of God, that he would be with them no matter what, that that was in Al as well.

The volunteer search teams planned to work just Saturday, but Hyland hoped they might stay longer to find any clue about what happened to Albert Chretien.

It was generally thought that Albert could not possibly survive for many days out in the cold and rugged elements, Hyland said. However Rita's amazing survival for 49 days, with barely any nourishment, and alone for 49 days disproves that idea. If Albert could have reached shelter, he could perhaps be in a cabin not far from the van location.

If you're in the Elko County area, Albert Chretien's family asks you to keep an eye out. He was last seen wearing a black leather jacket, denim shirt, black jeans and black boots. Also, if you have a cabin in the area, they hope you'll check it to see if he took shelter there.

Albert Chretien also had a blue backpack with him. It has a GPS unit, cell phone, flashlight and a knife. If you spot his things, let police know.

As of Saturday night, Hyland had not heard any news from the Elko County Sheriff's Office about the search.

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