Happy Sesquicentennial, Idaho!

On March 4, 1863 the territory of Idaho came into existence via the stroke of a pen.

That pen belonged toPresident Abraham Lincoln.

For the past 150 years, the territory (turned state in 1890) has been home to innovators like Philo Farnsworth from Rigby, the Father of Television , Joe Albertson, who opened his first supermarket in Boise in 1939 and J.R. Simplot, who began dehydrating potatoes in Caldwell in 1941.

It s also been home to innovations, like the world's first ski chair lift in Sun Valley in 1936, and the town first powered by nuclear fission, the city of Arco in 1951.

Even KTVB played an important part in Idaho s history, as it became the first television station in the state in 1953 under the call letters KIDO-TV.

Idahoans have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame (Harmon Killebrew of Payette - 1985), been into space (Barbara Morgan of McCall - 2007) and we've won Super Bowls (Korey Hall of Glenns Ferry - 2011). Numerous Olympic and Special Olympic medals have come home draped around the necks of Idaho athletes.

It s hard to quantify over a hundred years of history when so many unique accomplishments and figures have come from the Gem State (so named because Idaho produces 72 types of precious and semi-precious stones, some of which can only be found in Idaho).

Idaho also gained another reputation, one that can be seen in the slogan on Idaho license plates: Famous Potatoes . According to the Idaho Potato Commission, Idaho has produced more potatoes than any other state every year since 1957.

With 150 years behind it and more set to come, Idaho is set to see even more scientists, sports stars, inventors, political leaders and residents who proudly claim Idaho as their home.

Idaho Quiz

Think you know everything about Idaho? Take our quiz! Just click your answer to see if you re correct.

1.Why is Idaho s capitol in Boise?
A) Boise was the biggest stop on Idaho's part of the Oregon Trail
B) Gold was discovered in the nearby Boise basin
C) Lawmakers thought traveling to Lewiston was inconvenient

2. What was the population at the time Idaho became a state?
A) 32,610
B) 88,548
C) 1,567,582

3. What is the state bird?
A) Robin
B) Mountain Bluebird
C) WesternMeadowlark

4. What is the state flower?
A)Wild Prairie Rose
B)Rocky Mountain Columbine

5. What is the state fish?
A)Largemouth Bass
B)Chinook Salmon
C)Cutthroat Trout

6. What year was the state song, Here We Have Idaho , officially adopted?
A) 1890
B) 1920
C) 1931

7. What is the state dance?
A)West Coast Swing
B)Square Dance

8. What is the state insect?
A)Monarch Butterfly

9. Who drew the Great Seal of Idaho?
A)Henry Spalding
B)Emma Edwards
C)Sallie Hume-Douglas

10. What is the state fruit?
A) Strawberry
B) Huckleberry
C) Cherry

11. What is the state gem?
A) Blue Agate
B) Star Garnet
C) Smoky Quartz

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