BOISE -- While many folks were enjoying the unofficial start of summer this long weekend, one group, the Young Marines, was honoring the fallen whom the Memorial Day holiday is for.

And the honoring starts with a hole, followed by the placement of an American flag. These young Marines then step back.

We do the salute to honor the veteran that we're planting the flag in front of sir, said Cpl. Caleb Proctor.

A way to pay proper respect to those who have died fighting for our freedom.

We do this because we have a sense of pride for our veterans. We go to the veterans home to play bingo with them all the time, so we come here for Memorial Day because we want to honor those veterans and that's what Memorial Day is all about, said 1st Sgt. Amanda Bradberry.

Around 30 Young Marines, between the ages of 8 and 18, placed an American flag in front of every headstone at the Idaho Veteran's Cemetery Saturday.

It's an honor to be out here, and I think it's very important that we do things like this, give back to those who have given the ultimate price, said Cpl. John Cavin. Giving their lives for this country so we can be free. I think it's very important that we're here.

Three by three the Young Marines placed the flags one by one.

Lots and lots of flags, said Proctor.

It is neat. I've been to Arlington National Cemetery and all the grave stones all lined up. I think it looks nice having all the flags out, said Cavin.

Every year when we're on top of the hill, I look down, and you can see flags all over, and it's just an amazing site, because you see all these flags waving in the wind and you see the one that's up on top of the hill, and it's just, it gives you a sense of pride in America, said Bradberry.

Veteran Martin Lunt couldn't help but notice the patriotic additions.

It looks really good, and for them to do that is an excellent service to the community and to themselves, said Lunt.

He's here to visit his wife.

It's a good memory day, said Lunt. This is where I'll be when I go. So we'll still be together.

While a few came to visit loved ones Saturday, most will visit the cemetery on Monday -- Memorial Day.

It feels good, really really good, said Proctor. Knowing that somebody else, besides them, care about them.

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