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Why is there an eight-foot tall sculpture of a bird near Glenns Ferry?

The Carmela Vineyards is just an hour from Boise but somehow feels like it s a world away. A spa, restaurant and golf course are all nestled among the grape vines in Glenns Ferry just off Interstate 84.

While the setting is serene and seems perfectly natural one thing might surprise you a: a giant bird. As visitors approach the Carmela grounds, some are stopped in their tracks by the depiction of the feathered friend. The flat, painted wooden plank features a prominent local creature: a quail.

Carmela owner Roger Jones said he got the idea from his time working in the produce industry in California. He said there were many similar structures in the fields showing workers and their tools. When he arrived in Idaho, he decided to implement something similar and picked something familiar to Glenns Ferry residents the quail.

It s modeled after the California Quail, Jones said. There are lots of them in Glenns Ferry running around wild.

He worked with a carpenter in Rupert to do the cut-out, and a cook at the winery to do the painting. Crews then hoisted the cut-out into place to give local and visitors something to talk about and maybe even snap a picture or two.

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