BOISE -- How's this sound for fun? You run 13.1 miles, starting with a 2,000 foot climb to Aldape Summit, then coming down another 1,700 feet.But everyoneKTVB talked to said, 'Yes, it does sound like fun.'

With the pirate costumes, the live music, the celebrities, and the sword-fighting, it was sometimes hard to tell that the gathering of more than 2,400 people was a race at all.

There's nothing like this event, for just all the cool stuff they do at the start, and the people along the course, said 7th year racer John Hisel.

It's just a fun time for everybody, said volunteer Marsha Bowe. If you're not going to run it, you got tohelp.

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I'm out just to have fun, said 2nd year racer Christina Chamberlain. I hated running. I always said, 'the only reason to run is if someone is chasing me.' But you know, it actually became an addiction.

It's just fun, said 2nd year racer Randy Harrison, who was running in a pirate costume, complete with hat, boots and weapons. When you're not competitive, it's just a fun race to go do.

That fun is one of the reasons why Moses Kinikini, a contestant on NBC's hit show The Biggest Loser , did this year's race.

I'm looking to change my life, where I'm a big part of this type of event, said Kinikini. Everything that's for physical fitness, I'm going to do. I hope to do Robie Creek every year now.

See our finish line cameras. Did you make itpast the hill to the finish?

But it's not all just fun and games. Because once the race begins, if runners didn't know it already, there's a reason they call it 'The Toughest Race in the Northwest.'

These people are insane, said Bowe.

It's just brutal up there at the top, said Hisel. There's probably no shame in walking.

You're over here, and the finish is over there, said Harrison. You have to finish.

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For first-time Robie racer, Kameron Ulmer, he didn't just finish; he finished first.

The hardest part, probably, like I said, that downhill, said the 23-year-old Boise State student. You think the uphill is hard, but then once you start going down, your muscles just cramp up, and it hurts really bad. It was definitely different than any race I've ever done. It was a lot of fun.

Fun, even though the rigors of the course required a cooldown for some racers in Robie Creek itself.

Ulmer and other racers we talked to said a full marathon is tougher than the Race to Robie Creek. But they also said, without a doubt, it's the toughest half-marathon they've ever done.

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