BOISE -- The family of a man shot and killed in a Walgreens parking lot says they're glad the man accused of killing him is getting more restrictions.

That suspect is Rob Hall.He was released on a million dollar bond last week, originally without any conditions.

Originally, the money was the single stipulation for Hall to stay out of jail before his trial, and the step-brother of victim Emmett Corrigan was outraged.

Now, there's a list of things Hall must do to remain out on release and the victim's family says it's feeling a bit better.

In court Friday, both sides made arguments about proposed rules, and a judge placed conditions on Hall's release.

Corrigan's stepbrother, Jason Blackwell, was in the courtroom as that judge imposed rules on Hall. Blackwell said he feels by placing those, the judge corrected what was wrong.

I was glad the judge made those decisions. We'll wait to see what happens next, but I am happy with what the judge did and happy with the prosecutor for sure. They did a great job, Blackwell said.

Hall's conditions include that he can't leave the county, must check in with the sheriff's office daily, and wear a GPS tracking device.He also can't contact his own wife or Corrigan's widow.

Blackwell said the new rules make him feel a little better for Corrigan's wife's safety, but not completely.

'I don't know necessarily safer, but at least we'll know where he's at, Blackwell said ofHall. He's got that GPS tracker on him, so at least we'll know where he's at if he violates the no contact order, then he'll be put back in jail.

Again, Hall cannot contact or live with his own wife, Kandi, who neighbors say he has been with in the week before yesterday's court appearance.

Blackwell said he believes Kandi is the only living witness to the shootingand questions whether her story may have already changed with that contact.

Blackwell just said he's finally happy with how some part of his brother's case is going.

As for that $1 million bond,in court Friday KTVB learned Hall's mother paid $20,000 up front to the bail bonds company. She apparently will be making payments of between $40,000 and $60,000.

Hall's next court date is set for April 22.

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