BAKER CITY, Oregon -- Authorities from Idaho, Oregon and Canada are searching for Albert and Rita Chretien.

The couple left their home in Penticton, British Columbia, for a road trip to trade show in Las Vegas, but never showed up.

The road trip from British Columbia to Nevada is one the Chretiens have made before.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they planned to return to last week but when they didn't come home, a missing persons report was filed and police immediately launched an investigation.

It was recently discovered that the Chretiens had stopped at a Baker City, Oregon gas station nearly two weeks ago.

Police released surveillance video of the couple loading up on food and gas on the afternoon of March 19th.

What this does for us for this investigation is it narrows down our area that we can start looking at, determining if it's feasible to do physical searches, Corporal Dan Moskaluk of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia, Canada said on Sunday.

On April 3, Baker City Police were contacted by a local business owner who said the couple was in her store on March 19 inquiring about tourist destinations in the Baker City area. They were given the tourist information.

Monday, the multi-agency search began when investigators with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived in Baker City and met with law enforcement in Oregon.

Knowing that Baker City was the last place the couple was seen, they spread out from there.

State troopers in Oregon focused on highways, the search and rescue team in Baker County went up and down its roads, and Baker City police continued to reach out to businesses about possible sightings.

Even though law enforcement received tips, where the Chretiens went next is unknown.

You generally can't predict movements of people, when they're going. They'll tell you that they're headed one location but you never know when they might take a detour, said Baker City Police Chief Wyn Lohner.

With more than several thousand square miles to cover, investigators in Oregon considered searching by air Monday but poor weather prevented it and left only one option: to drive thousands of miles of road, looking for any clue.

We'll obviously look for any signs of a vehicle that matches that description. We'll look for signs of any unknown recent indications that the traffic crash may have occurred, said Lt. Gregg Hastings with Oregon Station Police.

The Chretiens were driving a light-brown 2000 Chevrolet Astro van with British Columbia license plate 212 CAV.

Canadian authorities do not believe foul play is involved in the disappearance of the husband and wife.

Idaho State Police troopers have been told to keep an eye out for the Chretiens and their van.

As law enforcement begins to figure out what roads the Chretiens may have taken to get to Las Vegas, it's likely the list of police agencies searching for the couple will continue to grow.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has set up a tip line to help find the missing couple.

That toll-free phone number is: 877-987-8477.

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