Look at these beautiful women.

They are some of the faces you'll get to know for 2011 Boise Race for the Cure.

I was lucky enough to peak in on a shoot they were doing yesterday.

Once the pictures are chosen you will see them on billboards, flyers and a lot more.

They agreed to be photographed for a very good reason.

All of them have been affected by breast cancer somehow.

Stephanie Richter is 26 years old. Ten years ago the disease took her mom. Do the math, Steph was just 16 years old at the time. It has been a huge loss for her, but she says being surrounded by her two brothers, dad and some good family friends has really helped her through theteary times. She wants to reach out to other kids who have lost their mom to breast cancer. I'll have more from Steph next month when we feature her in a special report.

I'll also bring you the incredible story of Bothne,Grant and Poole family.

Great grandmother Lorraine is pictured here at 100 years old! She's a breast cancer survivor!

So are others in this family. I'll be sharing their incredible strength and desire to beat breast cancer in a story next month as well.

But, I just couldn't wait for you to meet them.

Also, I'm thrilled to tell you REGISTRATION for Boise's Race for the Cure starts on January 31st.

The actual race is May 7th.

Please join all of us at Channel 7 as we put ourselves behind this great cause.


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