BOISE -- Fallout over the controversy with the JUMP project, approved earlier this week, has two people leaving their unpaid city positions.

Monday night the Boise Planning and Zoning Commission overruled the Design Review Committee's 4-3 decision to deny the Simplot Family Foundation's proposed project.

This $70 million has faced its share of opposition.

Some feel the architecture of Jack s Urban Meeting Place doesn't match the rest of the city. Others say the project could be better. Now there are those who feel these discussions are becoming emotional, one possible reason Elizabeth Wolf and Gregory Ugrin resigned from their volunteer positions on the Design Review Committee earlier this week.

Well certainly it is. It's a big project. It's a project that we haven't seen before. It's something new. It's something different. It's something very exciting, said Bruce Chatterton.

Bruce Chatterton oversees the Boise Planning and Zoning Commission and its subcommittee Design Review.

On Tuesday, the day after the Planning and Zoning Commission reversed the Design Review's decision to deny the JUMP project - Wolf and Ugrin resigned from their voluntary positions with Design Review.

We are saddened by it. We value their service. They worked very hard in the Design Review Committee. We wish they hadn't needed to take this step, said Chatterton.

In Wolf's resignation letter she said that the unanimous reversal of her committee's decision made her feel that her efforts were for naught, and that she can't help but feel that her role as a member of the Design Review Committee is of no value.

Ugrin pointed out several concerns, one of which was the inability to have real discussion - led him to feel that the Design Review Committee is just a formality.

Clearly the two members were frustrated. They take their charge in insuring quality design for the city, very seriously. They have a thankless job, said Chatterton.

Brandy Wilson serves voluntarily as the Vice-chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission. On Monday she said that Design Review stepped outside of their bounds on one aspect of the appeal - that's why Planning and Zoning reversed the appeal.

If Design Review Committee were just a formality, and if we had no faith in their abilities, then we would have taken over jurisdiction of the project, which is our option on an appeal. On an appeal we can just say, 'Design Review Committee, you guys are out. We're going to take it over from here,' and we didn't do that because we think they definitely have an important role to play here.

These two resignations obviously leave vacancies in Design Review.

Chatterton says the city is working to fill those vacancies. KTVB tried to contact both Wolf and Ugrin for further comment, but have not heard back.

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