MERIDIAN -- The city of Meridian is home to a company with a rags-to-riches story that sounds like it came straight from the pages of a fairy-tale.

Scentsy, Inc., which sells a variety of scented, wickless candles, was founded in 2004, when it had just five employees. By 2009, the company had grown to 445. Now, one year later, it has more than 700 employees and it shows no signs of slowing down.

You might remember the incomplete structure that stood near the corner of Eagle and Franklin roads for six months because fees to finish the building were much higher than developers originally thought.

Now, that unsightly construction project is complete.

An open house was held Wednesday at the new Scentsy headquarters, not only to show off the trendy space, but as a way to share the inspiring story of the company.

When owners Orville and Heidi Thompson started the company, the couple was on the verge of bankruptcy, with $700,000 in debt. Orville was selling video game controllers at a home show in Utah when he mettwo womenselling wickless candles they made ina basement. It was then that Orville and Heidi fell in love with the candles, and not long after, bought the company.

It's been only six years, and already, Scentsy is booming and selling its products around the world. It is also making a difference in Meridian.

Last year, the company decided to give small, local businesses a boost in a time when the economic outlook was grim.

Scentsy gave each of its employees $50 to spend at 40 different area businesses that were struggling to stay afloat. That generous gift benefited Scentsy employees, and also pumped $100,000 into the surrounding community.

It's a small business turned international, headquartered right here in the Treasure Valley.

It's the kind of success story many have been waiting to hear, in a time when bad economic news is all too common.

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