BOISE -- Boise Mayor Dave Bieter is talking about making the area cleaner and greener.

Inhis State of the City address Wednesday, Bieter made a major announcement --- a $45 million solar power plant is slated to be built west of the Boise Airport.

Bieter says in just a few months the overflow long term parking lot could be transformed into a solar power plant.

During the first phase there will be large solar panels placed on top of what are basically carports.

Once the first phase is complete they'll move onto the second phase, which will be built just a few yards from the parking lot on top of the old city landfill.

For a long time, Bieter has talked about making Boise a more environmentally-friendly city. He says this is a step in the right direction.

It's also about $45 million circulating in our economy, it's jobs for local workers, but maybe most importantly it's our first pretty substantial step forward towards that industry, and it's an industry that we really want to be a part of, said Bieter.

Bieter says a local company, Sunergy World, will lease the land from them and oversee construction of the solar fields.

The facilities are expected to bring in about 40 jobs -- 20 for the construction and another 20 when the plant is complete.

Construction could begin as early as this fall.

A spokesperson for Sunergy World says the company is in the process of firming up the remaining details.

The plant will be funded by private investors.

To put into perspective how much power this facility could produce, we're told at capacity it could power about 1,200 homes.

Bieteralso urged state lawmakers to allow cities and counties to raise sales taxes.

The mayor wants a half-cent local sales tax in Boise to fund public transportation.

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