BOISE -- The most highly anticipated race on election night was the Republican race to see who will face incumbent Democrat Walt Minnick in November for the First Congressional District Seat.

Raul Labrador took home the Republican nomination.

He faced Vaughn Ward in a heated campaign.

Some considered Vaughn Ward a front runner coming into this race -- but it turned in to a surprising victory for Labrador.

On election night, KTVB's Kim Fields asked how he plans to run against Democrat Incumbent Walt Minnick as the November approaches.

I think you're going to see the republican party just gel together, and come together to talk to me and to work hard. Because we need to defeat Walt Minnick. We need to make sure that we have this seat so we can defeat Nancy Pelosi. And we can get rid of the democratic agenda, said Raul Labrador, Republican nominee.

Our Kim Fields asked, We've been hearing so much about the Tea Party with this campaign. What are your feelings that Tea Party Boise endorsed you but the National Tea Party endorsed Minnick?

Labrador responded, I don't think that's going to make any difference. The National Tea Party didn't talk to the Local Tea Party group. And I think if they would have talked they would have never endorsed Walt Minnick.

The last of the precincts reported in around 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Raul Labrador took away 48-percent of the votes.

While Ward walked away with 39-percent.

Ward did not comment on the race Tuesday night.

He did walk around the room and shake hands with people, but did not answer any questions from the media.

Many considered Ward the front-runner, especially with last weeks endorsement of Sarah Plain.

Tune into theMiddayNews at Noon tohear more fromRaul Labrador about hisprimary election winagainst Vaughn Ward.

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