MOUNTAIN HOME -- A bitter-sweet goodbye at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

A fighter squadron with a long history there took its final flight, and also said goodbye to one of its leaders.

The 390th Fighter Squadron known as the Wild Boars took to the Idaho Skies one last time Friday afternoon.

The wild boars have been at Mountain Home Air Force Base since 1992, flying the F-15C Eagle.

The squadron had been at the basefor about 18 years, butitshistory dates back to 40's.

Before coming to Mountain Home, the squadron first flew in 1943 over France during World War II.

The Squadron trained up, then went to Thruxton over in England, said Captain Ben Leestma with the 390th Fighter Squadron. We sent down 46 officers 250 enlisted. They flew this plane ... the P-47.

Since the P-47, the squadron has flowntwelve different aircraft over the last 67 years.

Right now the Squadron has a dozen planes and 8 pilots.

Most of them will be sent to other bases.

It's a shame that we're going away but the base is going to continue for a long time, said Lt. Col. Jim Stratton. The flying units that are still here will still able to enjoy those great things that I talked about.

Over the last 20 months the wild boars have kept busy.

They've trained and hosted units for training 16 times.

Lt. Col. Stratton says most of their missions have been over U.S. soil, to defend the homeland.

Some pilots we spoke with are hoping the F-35 fighter jet will come to MHAFB.

If it does some pilots with the 390th could return to the base to fly it.

MHAFB also said goodbye to it's commander Col. John Bird.

It's bitter-sweet after so many years of doing this, said Col. John Bird.

Col. Bird will be heading to Washington D.C. to serve at the Pentagon.

He'll be the new Chief of the Force Application Division.

I've been doing this for almost twenty years and it's gets really comfortable, said Bird. I tell people all the time that I have best office view in the world. So it's sad to close that office today for me.

Col. Bird will be relinquishing command to Col. Ron Buckley.

Buckley served as Operations Group Commander at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas.

Buckley will arrive at Mountain Home Air Force Base on Monday.

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