BOISE -- On Saturday, elite cyclists, amateurs, and cycling fans were in Downtown Boise for the Twilight Criterium.

We love coming to Boise for the Twilight Criterium, said Nicola Cranmer, General Manager of the elite women's cycling team TWENTY16. This town knows how to put on a great party, and it's one of the best races on the race calendar. So it's really fun to be here, and it's a well-supported event by the community.

TWENTY16 recently partnered up with Idaho Go On, to encourage kids to continue their education after high school, and Cranmer said it is a natural fit.

There's a lot opportunity for the high school girls that are on our team to continue cycling while in school because there's a lot of colleges now nationwide that offer scholarships for cyclists, Cranmer said.

Twenty16 staff member and two-time Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong spoke with KTVB about how going to college has enhanced her life.

It just seems like every aspect, every part of my life, whether it was competition or just my summer job, it really brought a sense of responsibility, and it really brought me to what I would consider the whole package, and what it takes to be successful at anything, she said.

Armstrong said graduating from the University of Idaho has helped her in many ways, including in bringing home two gold medals.

I learned a lot of discipline, I learned also time management, I learned deadlines, I learned what it took to sacrifice, Armstrong said. But it also set me up so that when I retired from the sport of cycling, I now work at St. Luke's, and I'm in a professional job, and I'm in a professional career.

A four-year degree isn't the only way to further yourself after college.

You can balance college no matter what you're doing in life, said Armstrong. You can go on to tech school, you can go on to the military, you can go on to college, you can go on and get a two year associate degree, just as long as you set yourself up well for whatever you dream of doing in your life.

Jamie MacMillan, President of the Albertson Foundation, said the partnership between Go On and TWENTY16, combine the message of continuing education with TWENTY16 s commitment to youth.

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