BOISE -- We have some 100 degree days ahead of us, and the homeless population in Boise spends most of their days out in the heat.

Three days ago, we spoke with folks at Boise's Interfaith Sanctuary, and they said that many homeless people were coming in with sunburns and heat exhaustion. Now, many of them will be able to avoid that because of help from the community.

I think a lot of people just don't think about the fact that the heat can be just as bad, or maybe even worse than, the extreme cold, said Donald Frazier, a manager at the Interfaith Sanctuary.

Earlier this week, Interfaith Sanctuary said they were in need of water, sunscreen, and baseball caps to help protect the people who stay at their shelter from the summer sun. Those needs were met and exceeded by many generous donations from the community.

We're having a problem even keeping up with the counting right now because the response has been totally overwhelming, said Frazier.

Individuals, companies, organizations and clubs have brought in hundreds of bottles of water, sunscreen, and aloe vera.

Aron Luna and his friends brought more than 150 cases of water after asking their Facebook friends to chip in.

It's kind of a blessing that we are able to do this, and it's truly touching to see how many people in the community were able to chip in, said Amber Swenson.

There's so many people that need help. I'm looking around here, it saddens me to see this, honestly. I wish I could give them more but this is the least we could do, honestly, said Luna.

Swenson and Luna said the experience has encouraged them to donate again in the future, and said even more people from their Facebook pages are asking to pitch in.

The generosity was much appreciated by the folks who turn to the Interfaith Sanctuary as a cool place to sleep on a hot summer night.

It's amazing, said Tobias Hulse, who stays at the shelter. This water coming in is just, it's amazing how the community can pull together like this to help the homeless out.

Donations can be dropped off at Interfaith Sanctuary in Boise from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

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