BOISE -- People who spend the days outside know how hot it can get, and that includes the homeless population. Shelters offer the homeless places to stay, but many people are turned out onto the streets during the daytime hours.

The Interfaith Sanctuary opens each night at 6 p.m., and this time of year, they're quickly filled with people who want to cool off right when they open. Many have spent all day outside in the heat and sun. Homeless people say with more people on the streets, there's even more competition to get a spot in the air conditioned buildings.

I volunteer my time here at the Sanctuary, and at 6 when we open the gates, I literally see people run up to be the first of our bed list so they can have a bed or at least the floor to sleep on at night, said Tobias Hulse, who stays at the shelter. So it is a competition to get food or water, a place to stay, clean clothing, a shower. And it's getting worse. In the heat, it's getting worse.

Administrators say many people think of helping the homeless when it's bitterly cold, but overlook the dangers people face in brutal heat.

You roast. I've had five, six friends already go to the hospital for heat stroke, and it's getting worse, Hulse said. Every day, it seems like it's getting worse. More and more people is going to the hospital because we don't have the water bottles here for the people to drink the water.

Right now, the shelter is looking for small donations, like water bottles, to help the homeless during hot summer days when people say they're desperate for a cold drink and things like sunscreen.

Primarily in the heat, we're trying to collect enough bottles of water, and different things like sunscreen, aloe vera and ball caps. Just to make it a little bit easier out there and to of course try to prevent dehydration on the streets, said Jayne Sorrels, Executive Director of Interfaith Sanctuary.

Donations can be dropped off at Interfaith Sanctuary in Boise from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

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