PARMA -- Parma Mayor Bob Flowers resigned this week after a recall petition was filed.

The petition was filed on June 6, and included 29 signatures, including four of the six city council members. The petition needed 140 signatures by August 20th. But, Flowers decided to go ahead and step down.

The petition accuses Flowers of malfeasance of office, misuse of public funds, violating laws, and causing great harm to the future of the city.

He denies those allegations.

They're lies, just cold lies, said Flowers.

Flowers had served as Parma's mayor before, from 1998 until 2006. He said he cares about the city and didn't want to resign.

Breaks your heart, it bothers you, said Flowers.

But, he says his relationship with other city leaders caused him to step down in order move the city forward.

They're thing was I'll tell you what we are doing to do, the city is going to run the show, and that ain't the way is supposed to be, said Flowers.

One of the council members who signed the petition, Oney Eguia, couldn't give us any specific examples of wrongdoing, but stood by the recall petition.

I don't see where he could call it lies, unfortunately this is stuff he has not necessarily created, but this is how he wanted to proceed, going down the path he wanted to go with the city, said Eguia.

He said city council members questioned Flowers from the beginning and said they lost confidence in him as a leader of the city.

I mean no disrespect or harm to him, I wish him the best but it was just something that we as a group wanted to proceed with, said Eguia.

Right now, the council president is acting as mayor, they will appoint a temporary mayor until the next general election. The next city council meeting is set for July 14.

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