Did you get any mosquito bites this weekend?

If so, did you get bit more than others around you?

If so, here are some possible reasons why -- you work out a lot, are pregnant, or had something to drink at that backyard barbecue -- all factors that make you more attractive to mosquitoes.

Your blood type might also be the reason for the bites, according to research cited by

The site points to one study that found mosquitoes landed on people with type O blood nearly twice as often as people with type A.

It's reported that the reason mosquitoes find pregnant women and regular exercisers more attractive is because, in part, they have a higher body temperature

And just one bottle or can of beer can also make you more attractive to mosquitoes, though scientists haven't yet figured out why.

Scientists say that an estimated 85 percent of the reason why mosquitoes find some people more attractive than others can be blamed on your genes -- something you can do nothing about.

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