BOISE Four-thousand teenage drivers and teenage passengers across the country have died in car crashes over the past five summers.

Over the past week there have been several people who died on Idaho's roadways.

It is the beginning of the 100 deadliest days for drivers. For teens there's a 26 percent increase in fatal crashes during this time.

So when the teens get behind the wheel, it's about eliminating distractions and focusing on the road.

At Idaho Driving School in Boise, safety is a top priority. For owner Rob Fenn the summer months are his busiest.

His son Bryson is 15 and got his license two months ago.

I don't think it's as much driving as it is the freedom of being able go where ever you want at all times, said Bryson.

He recognizes that there are distractions while driving that he should work to avoid.

It's kind of cliche, but texting and driving because your phone vibrates and you just want to look at who it is because it might be a friend or something, see what they have to say, said Bryson.

Cliche or not Rob Fenn says texting while driving is the number one distraction for teens, not to mention it's illegal.

Their phone beeps or goes off or buzzes or whatever and they pick it up and they start texting right away and they're just not paying attention to the cars around them, they lose focus.

Another distraction for teens, is having too many other teenagers in the car at once.

They're communicating, they're having fun and they're not even trying to be distracted, they're just having fun and sometimes that's not okay, said Rob Fenn.

Idaho law limits a teen driver to only one other teen in the car for the first six months of driving.

With more than one person it starts to be more of a distraction, like they can start talking to each other and then it starts getting louder in the car and you can't concentrate as well, said Bryson.

The third thing Rob Fenn says is distracting and can lead to accidents for a teen is driving at night.

Visibility is lower and that makes it harder to gauge how fast people are going. It's also against the law for 15 year olds to drive during the dark.

While it may not be a direct distraction, driving at night can lead to accidents for any driver, especially teens.

We're not trying to prevent you from going places and having fun with all your friends, but we want to make sure that you're not going to be dangerous or put a lot of lives at risk at the same time, said Rob Fenn.

Since parents can't be with their teens at all times there are apps for your smart phone that will disable a phone while driving, keeping distracting texts and phone calls from coming through.

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