BOISE -- Firefighters responded to a downtown Boise building Wednesday afternoon after receiving reports that several people inside had been exposed to carbon monoxide.

Officials with the Boise Police Department say it happened at 999 West Main Street at 1:15 p.m. The carbon monoxide was caused by an employee riding a 50cc gas-powered scooter on several floors of the building.

Several people complained of headaches and dizziness. Thirteen people, including three pregnant women were taken to local hospitals to be evaluated as a precaution. Twenty-one people were also treated on scene for low level carbon monoxide exposure.

Police say it's a violation of fire code to operate gas powered equipment inside a building. Firefighters told the driver about the violation but no citations have been issued at this time.

Firefighters worked with building maintenance crews to ventilate the building and clear the building of CO.

Those inside the building were not ordered to evacuate but people experiencing symptoms were able to leave and be treated by medics.

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