SPOKANE, Wash. -- A Montana man waited for months to get a refund for a flight, canceled by Allegiant Air. A KREM 2 On Your Side investigation helped him get the money in May that he first requested in January.

Weather in January disrupted the surprise vacation Allegiant passenger, Rex Murray, planned for his wife. Allegiant Air first delayed the flight from Spokane to Honolulu due to fog.

They said the plane is sitting in Boise and they don t have the right equipment to fly into Spokane, Murray explained.

The fog stuck around and Allegiant Air delayed the flight again the next day.

Allegiant finally canceled the flight altogether. Some of the passengers just turned away and went home, while others purchased tickets to Hawaii on different airlines.

When that happened, I just decided it was the same scenario as the day before and I wasn t going to sit there for the whole day, Murray said.

WATCH: Spokane flight canceled due to lack of equipment

Murray purchased tickets from a different airline and landed in Hawaii a day and a half later.

Upon his return, Murray sent a letter to Allegiant Air requesting reimbursement for his overnight hotel stay in Spokane, the unused hotel room in Hawaii, and the cost of his added airline tickets and baggage fees.

Allegiant responded with an e-mail, confirming his request had been received and would take up to 60 days to process. The airline s website, however, indicated credit card refunds should come no later than seven days after documentation is received.

KREM 2 On Your Side contacted the airline in January.

Allegiant Air responded in an e-mail, saying employees at the gate tried to make passengers as comfortable as possible and gave passengers every option to change their flight to a later date at no-cost, or the choice to cancel their flight for a refund on any unused segments of their itinerary.

Murray said they never offered him those accommodations.

KREM 2 On Your Side contacted the airline again in April, asking the status of Murray's case. More than 70 days had passed since his initial request. The airline responded the very next day, saying it refunded Murray $626 for the canceled flight.

Murray also received an e-mail saying Allegiant would reimburse the costs of his hotel rooms and additional tickets. Murray said he was satisfied with the refund but would be hard-pressed to deal with the company in the future.

Knowing what I know now, I have no interest in flying with them, he said.

Allegiant told KREM 2 News that all other passengers affected by that flight cancellation either received refunds or re-booked their trip for a later date.

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