BOISE -- As of 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, Governor Butch Otter would not address the media nor declare victory in the Republican primary. His campaign said there were still too many votes to be counted and no formal concession from challenger Senator Russ Fulcher.

Fulcher spoke with KTVB around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night, after just more than 30 percent of votes had been counted and he trailed Otter by more than 10 percent of the votes.

I feel good. Here's the thing: When you're a candidate, and you're at this point in the entire race, there's nothing you can do from here on out. So I feel good, and I'm completely at peace with the outcome of how this goes. I feel completely blessed to have interacted with so many people across this state, so for me as a candidate, I have grown probably more than anyone, so I'm thankful, Fulcher said as votes came in.

Northern Idaho and his own district in Ada County had not yet been counted when he spoke to KTVB. He said if votes continued to come in against him, he could accept that outcome.

My life gets a lot more simple if that's the case. I go back to my family, I go back to my business and life goes on. But we continue the messaging of what we've been trying to do throughout this entire process, which is generally shift control from the government to the people, and we'll continue that movement no matter what, Fulcher said.

Otter's campaign anticipated he would speak to the public Wednesday morning after more or all votes have been counted.

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