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BOISE -- A 22-year-old man died in a boating accident at Lucky Peak Reservoir Friday afternoon.

Ada County Dispatch says they got a call about an unresponsive man just before 3 p.m.

According to the Ada County Sheriff's Office, the man was with two others that had gone to Lucky Peak to test out a boat for the summer season.

The 22-year-old fell off the boat into the reservoir and was struck by the boat.

(They were) out cruising along, and then one of the passengers decided he wanted to climb up onto the bow of the boat so he stepped up onto the bow standing up at cruising speed, which jostled the boat, caused him to fall over the boat and as soon as he fell over the boat, he obviously went over and ended up hitting the prop on his way out. said Ada County Deputy Hyrum Jones.

Jones says the boat either stalled or hit a wake. The 22-year-old was not wearing a life vest, and suffered head injuries.

The others he was with managed to pull him back in the boat and call authorities for help.

They took the man to the boat dock at Barclay Bay where they met up with emergency responders. Paramedics administered CPR, but were unable to revive him.

The Ada County Coroner says his staff was dispatched to the scene.

Jones patrols by boat on Lucky Peak during the summer, and says bow riding is a common practice he sees on the water. He says it s very unsafe, and you could be cited if you are caught doing it on the water.

He reiterates that as the Memorial Day holiday approaches, boaters should practice safety.

We want people to come up. It s a fun place to be, it s safe place to be as long as you are doing things appropriately, said Jones.

I think most people when they come up have safety as a priority, said Tracy Phillips of Boise.

The Phillips family was also out enjoying the day, and dad, Tracy Phillips says he makes sure his family practices safety all the time.

(A) couple of simple rules; you are always sitting down inside the boat. Kids always have to have lifejackets on from the time we enter the water, when they are on the docks they put them on and they don t get them off until they are actually out of the water the boat is out, said Phillips.

Along with those tips; starting on May 17 to May 23 is National Safe Boating Week.

As part of Safe Boating Week, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is advising boaters to take the time to check safety gear, replace old life jackets, service boats and review boating laws before

This year during Safe Boating Week, and throughout the boating season remember to practice safe and responsible boating, always wear your life jacket, and be alert and aware while on the water, said Juelie Traska, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Boating Education Coordinator. By practicing these simple steps you can save your life as well as the lives of the people boating with you.

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation recommends the four most important things a boater can do to reduce accidents and fatalities: Take a safe boating course, get a Vessel Safety Check, never boat under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medications, and WEAR your life jacket.

For additional information on Vessel Safety Checks and Safe Boating Courses in Idaho, visit

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