Salkum, Washington A dispute between neighbors leaves one man dead and another under investigation. The shooting happened on the 200 block of Stowell Road in Salkum on Saturday. Investigators returned to the scene on Monday.

Authorities said Travis Shive was shot twice before he died, following a dispute with his 56-year old neighbor over a dog. Neighbors and friends said the dog, Tuff, is a neighborhood dog that Shive considered his own. Tuff was shot on Saturday. It s what prompted the 28-year old to go to his neighbor s home and confront him, according to Shive s girlfriend Kori Weiler.

He was knocking on the door and he was upset, but he said I m sorry and he got on his 4-wheeler to leave and the guy came from the back of the house with a gun pointed at him, said Weiler.

It s still unclear who shot Tuff and whether Shive went to the right house.

Neighbor Jay Pattee attempted to save Shive after he was shot.

I ve seen a couple of gunshots in Vietnam and this guy didn t look good, so we started CPR, said Pattee.

Neighbors and friends have started a memorial where Shive ultimately collapsed. Tuff has since returned home from his injury. He is expected to make a full recovery. The 56-year old neighbor has not been charged.

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