BOISE-- Here at St. Luke's Hospital, the window washers have super powers.

Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, and the Hulk are employees at American Service Cleaning Co. in Boise.Don't worry -- we've kept their secret identies safe.

These masked men scale tall buildings (it's all in a day's work). They wear impressive costumes and safety gear. But most important of all, they've got big hearts.

They also happen to enjoy surprising sick children and giving them gifts and toys.

For patients like ten-year-old Chris Arevalo, these window-washing superheroes are a welcome distraction from life in the hospital. Arevalo has been at St.Luke's for a week, and is scheduled to go home Friday.

Hospital staff say visits like these are a big part of keeping kids like him happy and full of hope.

It makes a really big difference when we have fun activities that can change the norm of being in the hospital, said hospital child life specialist Malia Woessner. Kids can be here for a quick 24 hours, or they can be here longer like our little guy here, Chris.

As for the masked men who clean the windows and put smiles on faces, the feeling is super.

The childcare staff at St. Luke's try to schedule interesting activities like this every few months. This is the first time superhero window washers have visited the hospital.

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