BOISE Several parents in the Boise School District got a letter from the district outlining changes to next year's schedule they felt were confusing and potentially dangerous.

Maria Rex was one of at least 16 parents who received letters from the Boise School District Monday announcing changes for the upcoming school year.

One letter said her son would switch from Morley Nelson Elementary School and be bused to Koelsch Elementary School. A separate letter said her 5-year-old daughter would switch from Koelsch Elementary School to Mountain View Elementary. The 5-year-old would be required to walk, and would not be bused.

Around the corner, mom Candee Jenkins received a similar letter directing her 5-year-old daughter to walk to Mountain View Elementary too.

The changes seemed confusing, and potentially dangerous when both moms realized their young students would have to walk more than two miles to school, crossing the busy intersections of Emerald Street, Fairview Avenue, Northview Street, and Ustick Road.

However, the district did remind parents they were free to drive their students to school.

The changes alarmed both parents.


I wouldn't allow my child to cross Fairview by herself, Rex said. No, the intersection at Fairview and Cole in the morning, I think that's way too dangerous for a 5-year-old to do by herself.

Rex called Mountain View Elementary School Monday and was told the district would try to look into it.

They told me they had no idea what was going on, but they would try to look into it. They had gotten phone calls from six other worried parents about the letters they also received, but that they had no idea what was going on, said Rex.

KTVB took the issue to the Boise School District, where district officials realized the error.

We have a mix up in letters and we're going to make sure we revise that letter, get it out quickly as possible and make sure we're communicating accurately, said District spokesman Dan Hollar.

Hollar says of the 183 letters they sent to families, 16 families, all with kindergartners, inadvertently received the wrong letter.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused people, Hollar said. We don't want to alarm folks, but please know that we are in the process right now of rewriting those letters, getting the correct information out.


District leaders told KTVB they felt horrible about the mix-up.

Since the district sent the wrong letter, all three kids were never assigned to go to Mountain View. All three will go to Koelsch this fall, and all three will be bused.

Hollar says he'll call both families to apologize to them directly.

The district wants anyone who received a letter and thinks it might be wrong to call them and talk to the transportation department to get things cleared up. That number is 854-4000.

The district will mail out 16 new letters in the coming days to the families who received the wrong letter.

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