MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It was a Valentine's Day surprise for an 11-year-old Boise girl who is a huge Elvis Presley fan.

Grace Johnson learned she would be going to the home of the King of Rock and Roll in Memphis, Tennessee.

Grace is the daughter of KTVB s Mark Johnson.

Shortly after he posted a video of Grace learning she was going to Graceland on his Facebook page, one of the hosts of the Elvis Channel on Sirius/XM satellite radio, Argo, posted it.

Then Elvis Presley Entertainment posted it and the video went viral in the huge Elvis community.

KTVB sent Mark to Memphis to do stories on St. Jude, and he brought Grace with him.

Grace was treated like a VIP during her day at Graceland!

It s a scene that played out a couple of times during the day.

The little girl who did her 3rd grade biography project two years ago on Elvis soaked it all in!

From the ornate living room, to the jungle room where her favorite song (Moody Blue) was recorded, to the horse pasture, to the hall of gold records, to Elvis' grave site -- Grace Johnson did not want this day to end.

And it didn't!

A satellite radio interview she did with Argo was broadcast around the world.

That was followed by a trip to see Elvis' many cars and the Lisa Marie jet he used on his tours.

And then there was another radio interview where Grace found out a very special person had seen her video.

Tell everybody about Priscilla finding out, isn't that what you're going to go back and tell everyone. I got to go to Graceland, but Priscilla knows that I really was there! said the disc jockey.

That's very cool! replied Grace.

Then a picture with Elvis Presley CEO Jack Soden, souvenirs, and six hours after arriving this unforgettable day had come to an end.

Mark and Grace want to give a big thanks to everyone who made a little girl's dream day come true! It really was remarkable.

Grace went back to school Monday and was greeted by dozens of classmates who heard her on the radio.

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