VANCOUVER A Vancouver man was hoping his trail camera would capture pictures of wildlife. Instead, he said, it took pictures of the man who stole it.

It was kind of a sour feeling, said Max Bykov, who owns the camera.

Bykov said he mounted the small, motion-activated camera on a tree on Larch Mountain near Vancouver. It was in a metal box secured by padlock and bolted to the tree.

But when he went to retrieve the camera on Saturday, it was gone.

The SD card that records the pictures, however, was still inside a separate unit not inside the camera, he said.

Frustrated, Bykov posted several pictures that show a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt walking toward the camera on Craigslist with an explanation of what happened.

It stirs up a bad feeling, he said of the theft. You re probably not going to very happy to wake up and find something s gone.

On Tuesday, he told KGW that he does not plan to go to police. Instead, his intentions now are to warn other people with trail cameras about what happened.

If it s not yours, leave it alone, he said.

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